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The Final Composition

I realize that it’s taken me a while to post this, but then it took me longer than expected to find the time to complete my final task.  A few weeks ago, I headed down to my local cemetery to take the final picture.  I was in a bit of a rush to get this […]


A couple of weeks ago, I spent a miserable Saturday morning taking pictures for the Perspective module of my course.  The weather conditions were not ideal – strong winds and dark rain clouds over Plymouth’s seafront.  My subject was Smeaton’s Tower on Plymouth Hoe – an old, reconstructed lighthouse overlooking the coast. I had to […]


Here is my second learning log post.  It’s a brief post, for a brief exercise I did in experimenting with viewpoint.  I had to take a picture of a subject from a conventional viewpoint, then from at least twelve other viewpoints.  I had to submit two pictures – the conventional viewpoint, and select one of […]

The Frame

Hello, I realize that it has been a while since I last updated this blog.  The main reason for this has been some difficulties I’ve been having with my PC and card reader.  I had enough material for a further three posts, only for the pictures to be completely erased.  This was incredibly frustrating, but […]

Creating a Panorama

For my first assignment, I had to create two panoramas. One had to be horizontal, while the other had to be vertical. Creating the panorama in Photoshop Elements 10, was actually very simple. The tricky bit is capturing the image on camera. Here are a few examples of mine that I took a few weeks […]