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Shooting with Ilford Pan F Plus 50

I realize I haven’t been as consistent with my posting as I would have intended.  That may change soon as I start shooting more in digital.  For now, here are some shots I took with a Minolta 500si that my brother lent me.  I loaded it with Ilford Pan F Plus 50, which is a low ISO black and white film that is used in portraiture quite a lot.  I took the camera out around Plymouth on a bright, clear day with strong sunlight, and here are the results:


I was pleased with the resulting images, although I wish a few of them had come out a little bit sharper.  This came from a batch of four films I shot over the past year, and I intend to post the rest of them soon.


Testing out high ISO film

I realize that I haven’t updated this blog for a while – I’ve been busy with other projects – so here is some of the last film photography I did over the summer.  I took a Minolta Dynax 500si, loaded it with some Lomography Color Negative ISO 800 film and decided to try my hand at some low light photography.

I took the camera out to the Tamar Bridge during sunset to experiment with shutter speed.  Weirdly enough, there seem to be no difference between the significantly different shutter speeds I used, but the pictures came out differently:


Here are the rest of the shots I took, from a variety of locations:

There were more shots of course, but since I was only testing this film out, most of them weren’t that great.


Shooting 120 film with a Diana F+

This is the last of my recent batch of films I had developed.  It looks like only half of my shots came out.  The Diana seems to make everything look like an old snapshot from the eighties, but I was intriqued by the way the colours come out with this film.  I’m seriously considering buying a proper 120 camera rather than a toy one with a plastic lens, and shooting with the same film just to see how it comes out.

More Pentax 110 shots

I recently got another batch of photos developed, shot with my Pentax Auto 110, using Lomography Color Tiger 200 ISO 110 film.  I’m starting to consider my Pentax as a decent street photography camera – it’s small, unobtrusive, quiet, and most of the shots came out better than I expected.  There are a few exceptions where the focusing was off for some reason, but the good shots convinced me to stay with it.


More Black & White 110 photography

This is the second 110 film from the most recent batch I had developed.  These were shot with the Pentax Auto 110 as before, but this time with the Lomography B&W Orca 110 film.  I think that this batch of pictures is a little better than the last one, mainly because they are in black and white and I didn’t have to deal with the washed out colours of the Tiger Color Negative 110.  I really should clean the lens of my Pentax though, as you can see by the marks.


The following two are my favourites.  The street scene just seems to have turned out better than the others, and has received the most likes on my Lomohome.  The second one just for the quirkiness of the subject matter.


More Tiger 110 Photography

I recently received another batch of films back from the labs at, and the one I am about to cover is the Tiger Color Negative 110 film.  I have shot with this film before, but those were merely test shots.  This time I set myself the challenge of seeing if I can actually produce decent (or at least interesting) images with 110 film.

I shot these images using my Pentax Auto 110.

I thought that strong sunlight would be enough, but even under clear blue skies the colours seem a little washed out.  My favourites of this selection would have to be the pictures of Smeatons Tower on Plymouth Hoe, the red and white striped lighthouse.  It seems as though this film, and this camera probably, needs bold colours as well as strong lighting.

I kind of liked the graininess of the pictures taken at Sutton Harbour, and the seascapes turned out okay too.  But I need to choose my subjects a little more wisely with my last roll of this film, perhaps opt for some still-life pictures with brighter colours.

Shooting with Ilford XP2 Super 400 film

The second roll of film from my last batch came from Ilford.  I took these shots with my Fujifilm Clearshot 20 Auto, mostly in Bristol but some in Plymouth.

The resulting images had a newspapery feel to them, especially in certain light conditions that gave them a grainy image.

However, I think my lens needs cleaning, as there some weird marks on many of the images.

I like the film, but I think I might invest in a decent film SLR before I buy any more film.  I like to have control over things like when the flash, aperture, etc.