More Tiger 110 Photography

I recently received another batch of films back from the labs at, and the one I am about to cover is the Tiger Color Negative 110 film.  I have shot with this film before, but those were merely test shots.  This time I set myself the challenge of seeing if I can actually produce decent (or at least interesting) images with 110 film.

I shot these images using my Pentax Auto 110.

I thought that strong sunlight would be enough, but even under clear blue skies the colours seem a little washed out.  My favourites of this selection would have to be the pictures of Smeatons Tower on Plymouth Hoe, the red and white striped lighthouse.  It seems as though this film, and this camera probably, needs bold colours as well as strong lighting.

I kind of liked the graininess of the pictures taken at Sutton Harbour, and the seascapes turned out okay too.  But I need to choose my subjects a little more wisely with my last roll of this film, perhaps opt for some still-life pictures with brighter colours.


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