Smena 8M Test Shots

I’ve been away from this blog for a while, mainly because I was too busy getting to grips with my new flashgun, rather than actually taking any pictures.  I will be working on some new projects with my DSLR soon.

I did, however, send off a couple of black & white films.  I’m starting with the most disappointing first – these are my first shots from my Smena 8M.  I bought this camera because I wanted a simple point & shoot, so I could take snapshots with a camera that I didn’t have to put too much thought into operating.

000008000016000023000026000027000031000032000034000039The best thing I can say about the images, is that despite none of them turning out as I hoped, some of the images have a slightly “arty” feel about them.  There are a few images that seem more like charcoal drawings than photographs.

My main problem with is camera is the inadequate viewfinder.  I like to compose the image in a viewfinder that isn’t tiny and dark.  The whole time I used this camera I had to peer out over the top and hope for the best, and as a result, none of my images came out as I intended.

The only reason that I haven’t put this camera straight back on eBay, is that these accidental images have given me a few ideas.  I plan on loading one more roll of black and white film into this and trying again, now that I have a better idea of this camera’s limitations.