Civic Centre, Bus Station and Cityscape attempt

My attempt at a cityscape from the highest point in Plymouth, Blockhouse Park, did not go to plan as I’ll describe later.  So on Sunday I went into town to take some more pictures of Bretonside Bus Station.  The weather was not on my side this weekend, being cloudy and overcast after a worse night.

I noticed the sun breaking through the cloud and reflecting off the old Civic Centre building, so I took this shot:


My second trip to Bretonside Bus Station still failed to produce images that I was satisfied with, although I kind of like this one:


This is one I’ll have to return to when the weather is less overcast.

My trip to Blockhouse Park, didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. The weather was dry, so I assumed there would be no problems. I didn’t anticipate the winds blowing my cheap, flimsy tripod all over the place during long exposures. I had to hold the camera down by hand for the most part, meaning camera shake was a problem.

The best shot I managed to take was this one, purely because of the lack of camera shake:



I did manage to create a panorama, although it is far from perfect:


This is another one I’ll have to return to when the weather conditions are better.

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