Lobster Redscale 110 film

In my last post, I showed off the shots I took with my Voigtlander Vitoret during my trip to Bristol. When I finished the Peacock 110 film, I switched to the Lobster Redscale film. I took a couple of shots in Bristol, before using up the remaining shots back in Plymouth:



I’m not sure I would recommend this film for a landscape shot, unless taken on a particularly sunny day. These two seascape shots were taken back in Plymouth under sunnier conditions, and I thought they turned out okay:



I wasn’t too happy about the white marks on the images. It looks like the camera lens needs cleaning.  I considered cleaning it up in Photoshop before posting, but decided to post the unedited version in the end.  Like the Peacock film, this might work for those who like a nostalgic look. The Redscale film really did make the street scenes I took in Plymouth look almost vintage:


Here are the rest of the images from Plymouth.  I thought some of them look quite atmospheric, while the others just look nostalgic.



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