A New Start

I have decided to return to this blog and have another go, since I went on a long hiatus from photography and have since got back into it on a more regular basis. I have no way to explain this break, other than life getting in the way and allowing myself to get distracted.

It wasn’t a complete break – I still took pictures on my DSLR from time to time. It was a chat with an artist friend that made me refocus. I told her about my “interest” in photography.  She told me that I should submit my work to galleries.  I told her that I wasn’t quite at that level yet.  The conversation that followed forced me to ask myself, when will I be ready?  I’ve been doing this for years, so how come I’m not “at that level”?  I decided that procrastination and a lack of focus was the problem.  I needed to figure out what I wanted to do with my photography, and just go ahead and do it.  And do it regularly.

I decided to ease myself back into photography by making it fun again. I discovered Lomography, which I intend to write about later. This led to an addiction to scouring Ebay for cheap toy and vintage cameras, and I now have to restrain myself from buying every cheap old film camera I see. I bought a Diana F+, a Smena 8M and a Voigtlander Vitoret 110, all of which I plan to review later on.

I have also started a personal project called ‘Documenting Plymouth’, as a way to get me back outside with my DSLR. I intend to take pictures of various areas and landmarks around Plymouth.  I intend to cover the entire city, until I find myself struggling for places to go that I haven’t shot.  I’m going for interesting or unique rather than pretty, as there are already enough postcard pictures of Smeaton’s Tower and the Tamar Bridge.  It also gives me a reason to get out with my camera every weekend.

I have kept my old posts from the blog, as some beginners might still find them useful, but other than that I finally have a lot of new ideas for content. So watch this space.



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