My plans for the rest of the year

Since the evenings have started getting darker earlier, I have decided to organize my photography projects with the coming winter in mind. I thought I would post this update to outline what I intend to do with my photography up until January.

An example of my amateurish photography from a few years ago.

The most obvious project that comes to mind is low light photography. Once the nights start drawing in closer to 4pm at the height of winter, this will be an ideal opportunity to take my camera out and start shooting at night during more sociable hours. The mornings will be darker too, but I value my sleep, so getting up at 6am out of the question.

Night photography could also mean time-lapse photography. The night is an ideal time to capture the light trails from traffic, so that’s another possibility.

Also, with the weather being more likely to rain than usual in the UK, I would need a project that could be done both indoors and outdoors. So I decided that black and white photography would be a good area to explore. I could explore my local area with my camera and take still-life images as well within this style of photography. In fact, I might even give the black and white project it’s own category, since it will be the subject of more than one post. Most of these posts will probably be concerned with the various techniques of converting an image to black and white in Photoshop, but I hope to capture a variety of subjects.


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