Basic Experiment With Flash

Normally I don’t bother with off-camera flash.  I just rely on whatever light-source is available and adjust the white balance accordingly.  The flash on my Nikon D90 is normally way too harsh to use in most cases.
However, I was recently lent a flashgun, a Sunpak PF30X, so I decided that now was a good time to get to grips with off-camera flash.
Again, this won’t be anything extravagant.  I kept it simple – just a can of Guinness against a light background for me to reflect the light from the  flashgun.

I started with the flashgun pointed directly towards the subject:

This has washed out the background and caused an unsightly reflection on the can itself.


When I angle the flashgun by 75 degrees, reflecting the flash from the lighter walls, there is less reflection and the background looks more natural.

I realize that this is probably very basic to most photographers reading this, but flash is something I have never bothered with.  This experience has convinced me to take flash more seriously, and get my own flashgun at some point.


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