Here is my second learning log post.  It’s a brief post, for a brief exercise I did in experimenting with viewpoint.  I had to take a picture of a subject from a conventional viewpoint, then from at least twelve other viewpoints.  I had to submit two pictures – the conventional viewpoint, and select one of the unconventional pictures.

So last weekend I headed out into the city centre and took various pictures of an interesting building near Plymouth University.  The Roland Levinsky building hosts art galleries and film screenings and is part of the University.  It’s an interesting building because it can look completely different from a variety of viewpoints.  It has a strange, angular structure that makes it stand out from the surrounding buildings.

Image 1

This is the subject taken from a conventional viewpoint.

This shot, taken from a conventional angle, shows the building within it’s environment beside a busy main road.

Image 2

This is the image taken from an unconventional viewpoint.  I moved closer to the building and shot upwards, giving an impression of the height of the building, towering into the sky.  Also, taking the picture from a slightly skewed angle emphasizes the angular nature of the building.


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